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QuestSelect™ Program


What is QuestSelect™?

The QuestSelect™ program allows you to obtain outpatient laboratory testing at no cost to you.


What do I pay when I use blood work and other laboratory testing with QuestSelect™?

You have a $0 copay for over 1,200 different blood, urine, cytology, pathology, and cultures that are included in the subscription.


What tests are covered under QuestSelect™?

Over 1,200 tests including:

  • Blood testing (e.g., cholesterol, complete blood cell counts)

  • Urine testing (e.g., urinalysis)

  • Cytology and pathology (e.g., pap smears, biopsies)

  • Cultures (e.g., throat culture)


How can I be certain Quest Diagnostics will not bill me?

Inform the Quest Diagnostics receptionist that you are a QuestSelect™ member and present your member ID number.


My doctor ordered blood work and wanted me to go down the hallway. What do I do since I have QuestSelect™?

You have the right to choose where you get your blood work done. Inform your doctor and their receptionist that you have a $0 out-of-pocket QuestSelect™ membership and request to schedule your blood work at Quest Diagnostics.


Does QuestSelect™ replace current healthcare benefits?

No, this is a member-driven program. However, choosing not to use QuestSelect™ will result in your usual deductible and coinsurance costs applying.


What tests are not covered under QuestSelect™?

QuestSelect™ does not cover lab work ordered during hospitalization, emergency (STAT) basis testing, non-laboratory work, testing not approved by your health benefit plan, among others.


How can I find the nearest Quest Diagnostics lab near me?

Visit QuestSelect Map or Quest Diagnostics Lab Locator and enter your zip code.

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